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What's supported in Harness IaCM

This page describes supported platforms and technologies for Harness IaCM specifically.

For information about what's supported for other Harness modules and the Harness Platform overall, go to Supported platforms and technologies.


To configure an IaCM workspace and create pipelines, you must have the following:

  • An active cloud provider account
  • A Git repository

Supported Workspace Connectors

Cloud Providers

  • AWS: Connect via your AWS account to leverage extensive IaCM features.
  • Azure: Integration supports multiple Azure services.
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Offers tailored IaCM functionalities for GCP resources.
  • Spot: Utilize Spot by NetApp for cost-effective cloud workload management.

Git Providers

Harness IaCM supports the following source providers for seamless code management:

  • Harness Code Repository: Provides direct integration for streamlined operations.
  • GitHub: Ideal for managing projects hosted on GitHub with options for branch-specific operations.
  • GitLab: Connects easily with GitLab for comprehensive repository management.
  • Bitbucket: Integrates smoothly for managing Bitbucket repositories.
  • Azure Repos: Supports Azure Repos for direct access to Microsoft’s DevOps tools.

Git options include Latest from Branch (specifying a branch) and Git Tag fetch types. Users can set a configuration file path, such as a terraform (.tf) file.

Supported IaC Frameworks

Harness IaCM currently supports integration with Terraform and OpenTofu frameworks.

IaCM Feature Flags

Some Harness IaCM features are released behind feature flags to get feedback from specific customers before releasing the features to the general audience. The following table describes each of the feature flags relevant to Harness IaCM.


To enable a feature flag in your Harness account, contact Harness Support.

IaCM_COST_ESTIMATIONEnable to allow users to anticipate and understand the potential financial impact of their infrastructure changes
IaCM_DRIFT_DETECTIONGrants users visibility of drift/anomalies between the desired state and the configuration in the target environment
IaCM_OPEN_TOFUAllows users to configure their workspace to target an OpenTofu framework
IaCM_HARNESS_CODEAllows users to integrate their workspace with Harness Code repositories
CREATE_DEFAULT_PROJECTEnables the creation of a new project with default configuration