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Overview of custom plugins in IDP

The Custom Plugins feature in IDP allows users to plug their own private Backstage plugins into Harness IDP and use them along with the curated plugins available for everyone. Custom plugins are developed, owned and maintained by the users themselves.


This feature is in BETA and is available behind the feature flag IDP_ENABLE_CUSTOM_PLUGINS . If you want to try out this feature, please reach out to the IDP team. We would love to work with you and take feedback.


At present we only support the Frontend Plugins allowing you to create your own UI components, and use the Backstage proxy and Delegates, to connect to your internal systems and show meaningful data on the IDP UI.

How Do We Do It

In Harness IDP we allow two ways in which you can add your custom plugins

  1. The npm package URL for public npm packages of the plugin (eg.
  2. The package.tgz folder which has the packaged plugin packed using yarn pack

Follow the detailed steps mentioned on this docs to add your custom plugins to the IDP.