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Set favorites


Currently, this feature is behind the feature flag PL_FAVORITES. Contact Harness Support to enable the feature.

You can set the frequently accessed projects and connectors as favorites. Harness shows favorites on the listing page and helps you navigate faster to their favorite entities or pages.

You can set a connector as a favorite in any scope.

Set a project as a favorite

To set a project as a favorite:

  1. Select Projects.
  2. Hover on the project you want to mark as a favorite, and select Add to Favorites.

Set a connector as favorite

To set a connector as a favorite in Harness:

  1. Select Projects, and then select Connectors.
  2. Select Add to Favorites beside the connector.

A filter is available on the listing pages to help you find your favorite projects and connectors. You can also filter favorite connectors in pipelines or other resources.

View favorites

Select the favorites filter on the project or connector listing page to see all your favorite projects or connectors.