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Exemptions to override the Fail on Severity threshold for specific issues in STO

Every scan step has a fail_on_severity setting that takes a specific severity level as its value: critical, high, low, and so on. If the scanner detects any issue at the specified level or higher, the pipeline fails with an error.

In some cases, developers might want to create exemptions ("ignore rules") that override the fail_on_severity setting. If an issue is marked as Ignored, it will not fail the Pipeline. Developer users cannot create exemptions; only SecOps users have this permission.

Harness provides two pre-defined roles for STO:

  • Developer role — Permissions for developers. A Developer can set up security pipelines, run scans, and view results. A Developer can also request (but not approve) exemptions for specific issues.
  • SecOps role — Permissions for Security Operations staff. This role includes all Developer permissions. In addition, SecOps users can approve exemptions.

For a full workflow description, go to Exemptions (Ignore Rules) for Specific Issues.