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Increase Persistent Volume (PV) size for StatefulSets

You can manually update the Persistent Volume (PV) size associated with a StatefulSet in your Kubernetes clusters. This topic describes how to increase the PV size for StatefulSets in your Kubernetes clusters during a Helm upgrade.

For more information on Helm upgrades, go to Upgrade the Helm chart.


This is only applicable to storage file systems that support dynamic provisioning. For more information, go to Resizing Persistent Volumes using Kubernetes.

Update the PV size for StatefulSets

You can increase the PV size associated with a StatefulSet in your Kubernetes cluster manually.

To increase the PV size, do the following:

  1. Run the following to list all the Persistent Volume Claims (PVCs) in your Kubernetes cluster.

    kubectl get pvc
  2. Identify the PV that corresponds to the StatefulSet you are currently working with.

  3. Edit the PV configuration to update the storage size. Replace <YOUR_PVC_NAME> with the name of your PVC and <YOUR_UPDATED_SIZE> with the desired storage size.

    kubectl patch pvc <YOUR_PVC_NAME> -p '{"spec":{"resources":{"requests":{"storage":"<YOUR_UPDATED_SIZE>"}}}}' -n <namespace>
  4. Verify that the PV and PVC have been updated with the new size. Replace <YOUR_PV_NAME> and <YOUR_PVC_NAME> with your applicable names.

    kubectl get pv <YOUR_PV_NAME> -o=jsonpath='{}'
    kubectl get pvc <YOUR_PVC_NAME> -o=jsonpath='{}' -n <namespace>
  5. Edit the storage values in the values override.yaml file you use to deploy Helm to reflect the new requirements.

    When upgrading storage for TimescaleDB, the values will look similar to the example below:

    size: 120Gi
    size: 5Gi
  6. Ensure the StatefulSet is recreated to pick up the changes. Replace <YOUR_STATEFULSET-NAME>, <YOUR_RELEASE_NAME>, and <YOUR_CHART_NAME> with your StatefulSet name, Helm release name, and Helm chart name, and change the override.yaml file name.

    kubectl delete statefulset <YOUR_STATEFULSET-NAME>
    helm upgrade <YOUR_RELEASE_NAME> <YOUR_CHART_NAME> -f override.yaml

The field PersistentVolumesTemplates is immutable in StatefulSet, which means that you must recreate it for any changes to take effect.