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SRM subscriptions and licenses

The Subscription details page provides you with information about your Service Reliability Management (SRM) subscriptions and licenses, including subscription details, activity and usage of your licenses, and detailed information about active services.

Access subscription details

To access the subscription details, follow these steps:

  1. From your Harness project, navigate to Account Settings > Subscriptions. The Subscriptions page appears.

  2. Select Service Reliability Management. The details about your licenses and subscriptions appear.

Subscriptions page

The Subscriptions page provides the following details about your Harness SRM subscription and license utilization.

Subscription Details

This section offers a comprehensive overview of your SRM subscriptions and licenses, including:

  • Account Name: Your account's name.

  • Plan: The specific SRM plan associated with your account.

  • License Count: The total number of SRM licenses allocated to your account.

  • Expiry Date: The date when your SRM subscription is set to expire.

Activity & Usage

This section provides insights into how your SRM licenses and subscriptions are being used.

  • Active Service Licenses: Shows the number of active service licenses used in the last 30 days.

  • Subscribed Harness Services: Indicates the total number of Harness services subscribed to using your account.

  • Percentage Usage: Displays the percentage of SRM licenses currently in use.

Active Services

This section offers a detailed breakdown of how your active SRM services are utilized, including:

A list of active services deployed through Harness Continuous Delivery (CD) that are currently active and utilizing the Harness SRM services.

For each active service, you'll see the following details: the number of associated monitored services, the environments in which they are deployed, as well as the organizations and projects that are utilizing these active services.

You can filter the Active Services list based on organizations, projects, and specific services, making it useful for cost forecasting and chargebacks. Additionally, you can export this data to a CSV format for further analysis and sharing.