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Configure SLO Downtime

You can schedule SLO downtime windows to apply to specific services or all services.

Create a new SLO downtime

To configure downtime for an SLO:

  1. In your Harness project, navigate to Service Reliability Management, expand PROJECT SETUP, and then select SLO Downtime.

  2. In the SLO Downtime page, select + Downtime.

    Create new SLO Downtime page

  3. Enter a name for this SLO downtime, an optional description, optional tags, and select a downtime category such as Scheduled Maintenance.

  4. Select Next.

  5. In the Schedule SLO downtime window section, choose whether this SLO downtime is ONE TIME or RECURRING, select the timezone, and start time.

  6. Based on the downtime type you select, complete the downtime schedule as follows.

    • For ONE TIME: Select a duration from the start time or a specific time.

    • For RECURRING: Select a duration, how often the downtime should repeat, and when the recurrence ends.

  7. Select Next.

  8. In Apply to monitored services, select specific monitored services or Apply the downtime to all existing and future services.

    This SLO downtime applies only to the monitored services that you selected.

  9. Select Save.

    The SLO down appears on the SLO Downtime page.

Next steps

Manage SLO downtime.