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Manage Satellite

This topic outlines the steps to update and manage the versions of the Ingestion Satellite using Docker and Kubernetes.

Update the Satellite

Use these commands if you need to update the Ingestion Satellite version.

# Pull latest version
docker pull levelops/ingestion-satellite

# List containers and find the current satellite ID
docker container ls

# Stop and remove the old container. Replace <ID> accordingly.
docker container stop <ID>
docker rm <ID>>

# Run the container again. It uses the latest version. Replace the local path accordingly.
docker run -v /local/path/to/satellite.yml:/levelops/config.yml -d levelops/ingestion-satellite

If you aren't able to execute the docker pull command, you can manually download the Ingestion Satellite image from Docker Hub and install it.

Keeping the Ingestion Satellite up-to-date ensures that you benefit from the latest features, improvements, and security patches.