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SEI GitLab Cloud integration

GitLab is a DevOps platform that provides Git repos, CI/CD pipelines, issue management, and more.

SEI supports two integrations to integrate SEI with GIthub.

  • Gitlab Cloud
  • Gitlab Enterprise

To integrate with Gitlab Enterprise, use the SEI Gitlab Enterprise integration.

Configure authentication

The SEI GitLab integration can use either OAuth or personal access token authentication.

For OAuth, your account must have the Reporter role or higher.

If you can't use OAuth, you must create a GitLab personal access token to configure the SEI GitLab integration.

  1. Log in to your GitLab account and create a personal access token. For instructions, go to the GitLab documentation on Personal Access Tokens.
  2. Select the api scope with complete read/write API access.
  3. Copy the token somewhere that you can retrieve it when you configure the integration.

Configure the integration

  1. In your Harness Project, go to the SEI Module, and select Account.
  2. Select Integrations under Data Settings.
  3. Select Available Integrations, locate the GitLab Cloud integration, and select Install.

To integrate with an on-premises, privately-hosted GitLab instance, install the GitLab Enterprise integration with API key (personal access token) authentication and an Ingestion Satellite.

  1. Select an authentication method for the integration:

    • To use OAuth, select Authorize and follow the prompts to grant access to GitLab.
    • To use a Personal Access Token, enter the URL for your GitLab instance and paste your Access Token.
  2. In Integration Name, enter a name for the integration.

  3. Finish configuration and Save the integration.