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SEI PostgreSQL integration

PostgreSQL is a free and open-source relational database management system emphasizing extensibility and SQL compliance.

Use the SEI PostgreSQL integration to integrate SEI with a Cloud-based PostgreSQL instance.


This SEI integration is under development. It provides limited integration support in its current state.

Configure the integration

  1. In your Harness Project, select the SEI Module, and go to your Account.
  2. Select Integrations under Data Settings.
  3. Select Available Integrations, locate the PostgreSQL integration, and select Install.
  4. Configure and save the integration.
    • Enter your Org Name. This field should not be left empty.
    • Provide the IP address or Hostname of your Cloud-based PostgreSQL instance. For example: ""
    • Username: Enter the username associated with your PostgreSQL database.
    • Password: Provide the password corresponding to the username you entered.
  5. Specify the Name of your PostgreSQL database.
  6. Finish configuration and Save the integration

To integrate with an on-premises PostgreSQL instance, you must use an Ingestion Satellite.