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Jenkins plugin

The Harness - SEI Jenkins Plugin is a tool, written in Java, to send reports about builds to Harness SEI.

Configure the integration

  1. Select Integrations under the Data Settings.
  2. Select Available Integrations, and locate the Jenkins integration, and select Install
  3. Add a Name for the integration.
  4. The Description and Tags are optional.
  5. Click on Next: Create and Add Nodes. This will display all the available Jenkins instances.
  6. Click on +Add Instance. This will generate the SEI API KEY which will be used in the Jenkins Plugin Configuration.

Newly added instances will show up under the Available Instances Tab.

Install the Plugin

To install this plugin please follow the following steps.

  • Sign-in to Jenkins and select Manage Jenkins
  • Select Manage Plugins
  • Select the Available plugins tab.
  • In the Search plugin, type in Harness - SEI Jenkins Plugin
  • Install the Harness - SEI Job Reporter Plugin and click on Install without restart
  • Install the plugin called SEI Job Reporter by selecting it and clicking Install without restart
  • Once the plugin installation is complete, the status will change to Success. If it doesn't change to Success, then a restart might be needed
  • Set the Instance Name and use the API KEY you generated earlier as the value for the Manage Jenkins >> Harness - SEI Job Reporter >> SEI API KEY field.
  • Set the Application Type to the environment where you are configuring the Plugin.

SEI Job Reporter Plugin

The SEI Job Reporter Plugin, monitors all job runs. As soon as a job run completes it sends the info about job run and failed logs back to SEI SaaS.

It does not do any periodic push. It gathers info about job stages and steps. If a job run fails and does not have stages the plugin captures the failed job run logs, else if it has stages and no steps, the plugin captures logs for the failed steps, else if it has steps, the plugin captures logs for failed steps. It does not capture the logs for any successful job or stage or step. This plugin supports the failure triage feature.

Dependency NameDirect Dependency/Indirect DependencyVersionURL
REST Implementation for Blue OceanDirect1.23.2
Common API for Blue OceanIndirect1.23.2
REST API for Blue OceanIndirect1.23.2
Design LanguageIndirect1.23.2
Blue Ocean Core JSIndirect1.23.2
Web for Blue OceanIndirect1.23.2
JWT for Blue OceanIndirect1.23.2
Pipeline implementation for Blue OceanDirect1.23.2
Pipeline SCM API for Blue OceanIndirect1.23.2
HTML PublisherIndirect1.23
Dashboard for Blue OceanDirect1.23.2
Pub-Sub "light" BusIndirect1.13