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PagerDuty reports

PagerDuty is an incident response platform for IT departments. To analyze your PagerDuty data in SEI, set up a PagerDuty SEI integration, and then add PagerDuty reports to your Insights.

  • PagerDuty Ack Trend Report: Analyze the amount of time taken to acknowledge incidents.
  • PagerDuty After Hours Report
  • PagerDuty Alerts Report
  • PagerDuty Incident Report: Analyze the number of incidents.
  • PagerDuty Incident Trend Report: Analyze changes over time in the number of incidents.
  • PagerDuty Release Incidents
  • PagerDuty Response Report
  • PagerDuty Response Times Report: Analyze incident response times.
  • PagerDuty Stacks Report