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Using command probe in various modes

This section guides you through steps to use the command probe in inline mode and source mode.

Before you begin

Command probe details

  1. Provide a name for the probe, and other parameters like chaos interval, timeout, and so on.

  2. Enter a command in the Command section. In this example, the command entered will print an environment variable on the console.

    Step 1

To use the command probe in the inline mode:

  1. Enter the Type, Comparison criteria, and Value. Toggle to switch off the Source mode. Click Setup probe.

    Step 2

  1. Click Confirm to create the probe with the parameters you entered.

    Step 3

Validation in inline mode

When the probe in inline mode is used in a chaos experiment, you can see that the probe failed. This is because the actual value is an empty value but the expected value is different. The experiment doesn't specify any environment variable that could be associated with a user name, so the resultant value is empty.

validation inline

Validation in source mode

When you use the probe in source mode in a chaos experiment, you can see that the probe passed because the expected value and the actual value match. You executed the probe on the specific (Ubuntu, in this case) image that you created for this probe. You specified the environment mounted with the specific name in the image, and this image specifications you provided in the Source mode matched the expected value.

validation source