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Harness CE powered by LitmusChaos

Harness Chaos Engineering (CE) is powered by the open source CNCF chaos engineering project LitmusChaos. Harness CE adds additional features to make the practice of chaos engineering for enterprises easy.

Harness Chaos Engineering Module

Go to Harness CE versus LitmusChaos for a quick comparison.

Common capabilities of HCE and LitmusChaos

Following are the common features between Litmus and Harness Chaos Engineering:

  1. Scalable platform
  2. Declarative chaos fault architecture
  3. Kubernetes chaos faults
  4. Chaos faults as CRDs
  5. Chaos metrics
  6. Chaos hubs
  7. Chaos infrastructure architecture
  8. Chaos experiments structure
  9. Scheduling chaos experiments
  10. Resilience probes

Additional capabilities of Harness CE

Harness CE module has the following additional capabilities:

  1. Kubelet density chaos fault
  2. VMware chaos faults
  3. AWS chaos faults
  4. GCP chaos faults
  5. Azure chaos faults
  6. Linux chaos faults
  7. Teaming around chaos hubs
  8. Additional resilience probes


In addition to the above features, the chaos engineering module has the following integrations in the Harness platform:

Harness CE versus LitmusChaos

This section describes the differences between Harness Chaos Engineering (CE ) and the open-source CNCF incubation project, LitmusChaos.

Chaos management - Basic

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Centralized chaos portal
Chaos hubsPublic hubEnterprise hub
Chaos metrics to Prometheus
YAML-based support for chaos experiments
Run chaos faults in parallel
Experiment control parameters through the tag in the UI
Event driven chaos injection✅ (via Harness webhooks)
Ability to halt all ongoing chaos experiments using the halt button
BYOC (Bring Your Own Chaos)

Chaos management - Advanced

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Chaos experiments CRUDPartial
Chaos experiments for multiple clusters✅ (GameDays and pipelines)
Run chaos experiments in parallel✅ (GameDays and pipelines)
Out-of-the-box chaos experiments
OOTB API templates for chaos experiments
Export chaos experiments to chaos hubs
Schedule chaos scenarios directly from a chaos hub
GameDay portal


FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Rest/GraphQL APIs
Built-in user management and authenticationBasic
Single Sign-On (SSO) with OAuth 2.0
Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML
Provision users with Okta (SCM)
Provision Azure AD Users and Groups (SCIM)
Provision users and groups with OneLogin (SCIM)
Multiple projects
Multiple Organisations


FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Two-factor authentication
RBAC (Role Based Access Control)- Built-in rolesBasic
RBAC (Role Based Access Control)- Custom roles
Audit trail (2 year data retention)
Integrated secrets management with Harness Secrets Manager
IP Address whitelist management


FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Integration with Harness CD Pipelines
Integration with Harness CV

Kubernetes pod-level chaos faults

Go to Pod faults for more information.

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Pod delete
Pod DNS error
Pod DNS spoof
Pod I/O stress
Container kill
Disk fill
Pod HTTP reset peer
Pod HTTP status code
Pod HTTP modify body
Pod HTTP modify header
Pod HTTP latency
Pod memory hog
Pod memory hog exec
Pod CPU hog
Pod CPU hog exec
Pod network loss
Pod network partition
Pod network latency
Pod network corruption
Pod network duplication
Pod autoscaler

Kubernetes node-level chaos faults

Go to Node faults for more information.

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Docker service kill
Kubelet service kill
Node drain
Node I/O stress
Node CPU hog
Node memory hog
Node restart
Node taint
Kubernetes node network latency
Kubernetes node network loss
Kubernetes stress - Kubelet density

AWS chaos faults

Go to Chaos faults for AWS for more information.

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
ALB AZ down
CLB AZ down
EBS loss by ID
EBS loss by tag
EC2 DNS chaos
EC2 instance stop by ID
EC2 instance stop by tag
AWS SSM chaos by ID
AWS SSM chaos by tag
EC2 network loss
EC2 network latency (Jitter/Abort)
EC2 CPU hog
EC2 memory hog
EC2 I/O stress
EC2 HTTP latency
EC2 HTTP modify body
EC2 HTTP modify header
EC2 HTTP reset peer
EC2 HTTP status code
RDS instance delete
RDS instance reboot
ECS instance kill
ECS task stop
ECS invalid container image
ECS network restrict
ECS container network latency
ECS container network loss
ECS agent stop
ECS container CPU hog
ECS container memory hog
ECS container I/O stress
ECS update container resource limit
ECS update container timeout
ECS update task role
Windows EC2 blackhole chaos
Windows EC2 CPU hog
Windows EC2 memory hog

AWS serverless chaos faults

Go to Chaos faults for AWS for more information.

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Lambda delete function concurrency
Lambda toggle event mapping state
Lambda delete event source mapping
Lambda update function memory
Lambda update function timeout
Lambda update role permission

GCP chaos faults

Go to Chaos faults for GCP for more information.

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
GCP disk loss
GCP disk loss by label
GCP VM instance stop
GCP VM instance stop by label

Azure chaos faults

Got to Chaos faults for Azure for more information.

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Azure instance stop
Azure disk loss
Azure instance CPU hog
Azure instance memory hog
Azure instance I/O stress
Azure web app stop
Web app access restriction

VMware chaos faults

Go to Chaos faults for VMware for more information.

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
VMware VM power off
VMware CPU hog
VMware memory hog
VMware I/O stress
VMware DNS chaos
VMware host reboot
VMware HTTP latency
VMware HTTP reset peer
VMware HTTP response modify
VMware network loss
VMware network latency
VMware process kill
VMware service stop
VMware Windows CPU hog
VMware disk loss

ALFI for Springboot

FeatureLitmusCE (SaaS)
Multiple faults injection
Memory stress
CPU stress
App kill