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Rollback provisioned infrastructure with the CloudFormation Rollback step

This topic describes how to use the CloudFormation Rollback Stack step to roll back to the last stack that was successfully provisioned by the CloudFormation Create Stack step.

Before You Begin


  • You can only roll back to stacks provisioned by Harness.

Step 1: Add the CloudFormation Rollback Stack

In the Rollback section of your Deploy stage, click Add Step, and then select the CloudFormation Rollback Stack step.

When rollback happens, Harness runs the last successfully provisioned version of the stack.

Open CloudFormation Rollback Stack.

Enter a name and timeout for the step.

In Provisioner Identifier, enter the same Provisioner Identifier you used in the Create Stack step.

Harness determines what to rollback using a combination of Provisioner Identifier + Harness account id + Harness org id + Harness project id.

If you've made these settings expressions, Harness uses the values it obtains at runtime when it evaluates the expression.