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Connect your source code

Learn how to connect your code repository to the monitored service. Help your developers access the code repository, branch, and commits corresponding to the errors for efficient code change tracing.


  • You must have an agent configured.
  • Setup a Connector for the code repository you intend to track. If you do not have a code repository connector, then go to Setup Connector.

Set up Source Attach

  1. Get the code connector id.

    1. Navigate to Connectors under the Projects.

    2. Select the connector you intend to use.

    3. Copy the identifier.

      Connector Id

  2. Add source attach information for the agent

The following agent environment variables can be added so that your code repository can map to the service you want to track. Alternatively, if your project generates multiple jars, you can attach source information with each jar by adding the following attributes in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file in the jar.

Required Environment VariableManifest AttributeDescriptionExample
ET_REPOSITORY_CONNECTOR_IDHarness-Repository-Connector-IdID for the code repository conenctor you createdcoderepoconnector
ET_REPOSITORY_COMMITHarness-Repository-CommitCommitHashOrReleaseTag for the code you are want to track. Note that commit and branch both are not required. Only one of them is required. If both fields are provided, then commit takes a higher priority.12a69d4c668ce126fc104f4d58f3d7ed85403v1h
ET_REPOSITORY_BRANCHHarness-Repository-BranchName of the branch you are trackingpre-prod
ET_REPOSITORY_SOURCES_ROOTHarness-Repository-Sources-RootRequires a reference to the repository name; optionally, you can provide additional paths to prepend to the file you want to trackevent-generator/backend/src/main/java


Example of adding environment variables:

ENV ET_TOKEN=b34*****-****-****-****-***********42a
ENV ET_REPOSITORY_SOURCES_ROOT=event-generator/backend/src/main/java
  1. Restart your application after installing the Error Tracking Agent.

  2. Navigate to the ARC Screen by selecting an event on the Event Summary page. Clicking on the repository URL takes you to the code repository.

    Source Attach