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Troubleshoot Continuous Integration

This topic contains general troubleshooting information for error messages and other issues that can arise.

If you cannot find a resolution, please contact Harness Support or visit the Harness Community Forum.

Git connector fails to connect to the SCM service

If you have configured your build infrastructure to use self-signed certificates, your builds may fail when the Git connector attempts to connect to the SCM service. Build logs may contain the following error messages:

Connectivity Error while communicating with the scm service
Unable to connect to Git Provider, error while connecting to scm service

To resolve this issue, add SCM_SKIP_SSL=true to the environment section of the delegate YAML.

For example, here is the environment section of a docker-compose.yml file with the SCM_SKIP_SSL variable:

- NEXT_GEN=true

For more information about self-signed certificates, delegates, and delegate environment variables, go to:

Test suites wrongly parsed

The parsed test report in the Tests tab comes strictly from the provided test reports. The reports must be in JUnit XML format. It is important to adhere to the standard JUnit format to improve test suite parsing.

Truncated execution logs

Each CI step supports a maximum log size of 5MB. Harness truncates logs larger than 5MB.

AKS builds timeout

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) security group restrictions can cause builds running on an AKS build infrastructure to timeout.

If you have a custom network security group, it must allow inbound traffic on port 8080, which the Delegate service uses.

For more information, refer to the following Microsoft Azure troubleshooting documentation: A custom network security group blocks traffic.