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Internal Developer Portal FAQs

How do I use git based data-sources in a scorecard to evaluate a repository/file that is not present in the source-location path?

Users can use the additional annotation harnessData in their catalog-info.yaml and add the path that they want to evaluate in relative to the source-location of the software component which can further be used as an input variable. for eg., if the source location mentioned is and the path added is /src/service-name/file-name.extenstion(adding the leading slash /src is required) then the final path would be

Can I use .md files as a doc?

Yes we support markdown files in docs, but only if they are present in mkdocs format with a mkdocs.yaml present in the directory.

I have registered a new template but it doesn't show up on my workflows page.

It usually takes 3-5 minutes for IDP to process the entity before it's available to use in the workflows. You can check about failed or processing entities using the devtools plugin.