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Manage access control

Harness provides Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) that enables you to control user and group access to Harness resources according to the user's role. By using RBAC, you can increase security and improve efficiency.

This topic describes the roles available for Feature Flags. For more information about how RBAC works in Harness and instructions for implementing access control, go to RBAC in Harness.

Feature Flags roles and permissions

The Feature Flag Manage Role default Role is available specifically for Feature Flags. On a project of Environment level, this role can:

  • Create Flags
  • View Flags
  • Edit Flags
  • View Target Groups
  • Edit Target Groups
  • View Environments and redacted SDK keys

If you have permissions at the Project level, you can edit Flags within that Project or its Environments. If you have permissions for the Environment, then the role is limited to that Environment only.

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