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Custom Dashboards


Dashboards is a Harness Platform Feature, that allows you to visualize key metrics and data related to your module. You can customize the dashboards to show specific metrics and data relevant to your needs, and access them from a central location. The Harness Dashboards provide actionable insights out of your IDP, so you can enable good developer experience in your org. Dashboards also allow you to setup scheduled delivery of reporting and alerts for your executives and stakeholders.

  • You can create custom dashboards at the account scope only.
  • Make sure you have the Manage permissions for Dashboards to create, edit, and delete custom dashboards.
  • Make sure you have the View permissions for Dashboards to view the custom dashboards.

To view and access dashboards, select DASHBOARDS from the left navigation in your Harness account. You can filter the data on the dashboards for IDP module by selecting the module name from the top of the page.

Old Left Nav

New Left Nav

Out of the Box Dashboards

At present we provide 4 out of the box dashboards for IDP.

  1. Dashboard describing the state of catalog, which includes, Number of registered entities, catalog kind and type.

  1. Dashboard describing the Workflow Execution details

Create Dashboard

It is recommended to refer this documentation first to get a basic overview on how to create dashboards.


An Explore is a starting point for a query that is designed to explore a particular subject area. This topic describes the various explores available for monitoring your developer portal, and the data the provide. The following is list of explores available for visualizing IDP data.

  1. IDP Catalog
  2. IDP Plugins
  3. IDP Workflow Executions

Follow this documentation to create visualizations and graphs

Dashboard Best Practices

Follow this documentation to know more.