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Enable documentation for your component

By default, the Docs tab in your catalog does not include documentation for a new software component. However, you can quickly publish Markdown documentation to the Docs tab.

To add documentation:

  1. Create a docs directory next to where you have catalog-info.yaml.
  2. Inside the docs directory, create an file with the following contents.
# Welcome!

This is a basic example of documentation. It is intended to showcase some of the
features that TechDocs provides out of the box.

## Basic Markdown


# h1

## h2

### h3

#### h4

##### h5

###### h6

Here is a bulleted list:

- Item one
- Item two
- Item Three

Check out the [Markdown Guide]( to learn more about how to
simply create documentation.

You can also learn more about how to configure and set up this documentation in Backstage,
[read the TechDocs Overview](

## Table example

While this documentation isn't comprehensive, in the future it should cover the following
topics outlined in this example table:

| Topic | Description |
| ------- | ------------------------------------------------------------ |
| Topic 1 | An introductory topic to help you learn about the component. |
| Topic 2 | A more detailed topic that explains more information. |
| Topic 3 | A final topic that provides conclusions and lessons learned. |

## Learn more about MkDocs

TechDocs uses MkDocs as the static site generator. Visit for more information about MkDocs.
  1. Edit the catalog-info.yaml and add the TechDocs annotation.

  2. In the metadata.annotations field, add dir:..

  1. Select the refresh button on the catalog component page.

  1. Navigate to the Docs tab to review the documentation, which should become available shortly.