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The following is just an overview, the detailed roadmap is available here.


  • Automated Service Discovery
  • Automated Dependency Discovery
  • Ingestion from existing sources
  • UI based updates
  • API based updates
  • Custom Data Model


  • New UI to create flows (within minutes)
  • Make Self Service Hub customizable
  • Support for third party orchestrators
  • New out of the box steps in the pipeline
  • Custom form fields/UI pickers


  • Custom Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Bring your own Data Sources
  • More out of the box checks


  • Custom plugins
  • UI based plugin creation
  • Feedback loop for plugin creators
  • Larger plugins library


  • AI based creation of flows and population of catalog
  • Fine grained access control on Catalog entities
  • Support for Projects and Organizations for entities
  • Enhancement of User Group/Team and User pages for collaboration and skill sharing
  • More use-cases of Governance using Open Policy Agent policies
  • Custom Dashboards


  • UI based layout updates
  • User based personalization (homepage and entity page)
  • Customization of branding
  • Custom Search integrations