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Harness IDP vs Self Managed Backstage - In-depth Feature Comparison


The following tables gives a detailed feature availability comparison between Harness IDP and Self-Managed Backstage for various features like Software Catalog, Workflows, Plugins, Scorecards, Governance and Platform.

Software CatalogSelf Managed BackstageHarness IDP
Entity definition as CodeYesYes
Favorites/bookmark entitiesYesYes
Catalog Dependency graphYesYes
Custom entity providersYesRoadmap
Custom entity kindsLimitedRoadmap
Custom catalog processorsYesRoadmap
Automated Service DiscoveryNoRoadmap
WorkflowsSelf Managed BackstageHarness IDP
Customizable UI for each workflow/templateYesYes
Custom UI fieldsLimitedRoadmap
UI based input form editorYesYes
UI based orchestratorNoYes
Write custom action/stepLimitedYes
Declare and use variablesNoYes
Isolation of infrastructure for executionsNoYes
Granular access control of workflowsNoYes
Native integration with Jira/Slack/ServiceNow/etc.NoYes
Integration with other orchestrators (GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, etc.)NoLimited
Long running processes as part of the stepNoYes
Support for human interaction during executionNoYes
Define failure Strategy or Conditional executionsLimitedYes
Scheduled executionNoYes
PluginsSelf Managed BackstageHarness IDP
Install and configure pluginsYesYes
Customize catalog layout using pluginsYesYes
Write custom pluginsYesYes
ScorecardsSelf Managed BackstageHarness IDP
Service ScorecardsLimitedYes
Custom checksNoYes
Parsing support for file-content based checksNoYes
Custom Data SourceNoRoadmap
GovernanceSelf Managed BackstageHarness IDP
Approval gates via Jira/ServiceNow/etc. for workflowsNoYes
Role Based Access ControlNoYes
Open Policy Agent based PoliciesNoYes
Audit TrailsNoYes
PlatformSelf Managed BackstageHarness IDP
User and Group Management UINoYes
Ingestion of Users, User Groups and Roles from different sources (LDAP, AD, SCIM, etc.)LimitedYes
Single Sign-OnLimitedYes
Custom Dashboards for Key Adoption InsightsNoYes
Scheduled executive reportsNoYes
Alerting based on metrics trendsNoYes
Project and Org based hierarchy of entitiesNoLimited
MiscellaneousSelf Managed BackstageHarness IDP
Customize UI theme colorsYesNo
AI assisted onboarding and workflowsNoRoadmap