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Platform rate limits

The Harness Platform uses several mechanisms, including rate limits, to safeguard against bursts of incoming traffic and help maximize stability. A rate limiter restricts the number of requests received within any given minute, after which Harness throttles requests from the IP address.


Throttling is a type of rate limiting used to control the amount of traffic that an application can handle. It is a way of limiting the number of requests accepted in a given period.

Harness has several rate limiters in the platform. Users who send multiple requests in quick succession may receive status code 429 error responses.


Retry-After in the 429 error responses is not currently supported by Google Cloud Armor.

Harness Platform rate limits include:

  • Any call: Harness allows 5000 requests every 10 seconds (30,000 requests per minute) per IP address.
  • API calls: Harness allows 1000 requests per API key per minute.
  • External API requests: 400 calls per minute per X-API-Key.
  • GraphQL APIs (FirstGen only): Harness allows up to 1000 requests per minute per IP address.
  • Large requests (character size > 500,000): 1 payload every 10 seconds.
  • Reset password: 5 calls per minute per IP address.
  • User invites: 10 calls per minute per IP address.

Harness reserves the right to change limits at any time to protect the platform.