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Entity retention policy

This topic lists the Harness entity retention policy.

Retention Policy Defaults

All Harness entities share the same retention policy. You can change the retention policy.

The default retention policy for deleted entities is 6 months. This includes entity Ids.

Reduce the Retention Policy

You can’t reduce the retention policy below the default of 6 months.

You can reduce a policy that is greater than 6 months.

If you reduce the retention policy, it effects existing entities. If existing entities current timestamp is longer than the newly defined policy they are removed from Harness.

Extend the Retention Policy

You can extend the retention policy by contacting Harness.

If you extend the retention policy:

  • The new retention policy applies on all entities. You can’t have different policies per Project, Pipeline, etc.
  • The new retention policy will affect all existing entities and their retention will be extended by the new policy. An extended retention policy does not affect newly created entities only.

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