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Run an ingestion scan in an STO Pipeline

In an ingestion scan, you configure a step to ingest scan results from a data file. The pipeline then analyzes, deduplicates, and displays the results. Ingestion scans might require more work to set up then orchestration scans, but they also support a wide variety of use cases. Ingestion scans enable you to:

  • Ingest results from scanners that don't currently have integrations with Harness STO.
  • Ingest results from scans that ran in a previous step or stage, or outside the pipeline entirely.
  • Ingest results from custom scans with advanced settings that address specific security requirements.

To ingest scan results from outside a Security step, you set up your pipeline as follows:

  1. A Run step saves scan results to a shared folder. The step might run the scan locally, download results from an external source, or copy results from another location in the workspace into the shared folder.

  2. A Security or Security Tests step ingests the results from the shared folder. Then it analyzes, deduplicates, and displays the results.

For a complete list of supported scanners, go to Harness STO scanner support.

Example workflows

Here are some example ingestion-only workflows that target specific use cases:

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