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Propelo and Harness

In January 2023, Harness acquired Propelo, now called Harness Software Engineering Insights (SEI). This page provides information for former Propelo customers who are now using Software Engineering Insights in the Harness Platform.

This documentation is written for the SEI module within the Harness Platform. If you're migrating from standalone SEI (formerly Propelo), use the standalone SEI documentation until your migration is complete.

For more information about the acquisition, go to the Harness blog.

Get started with Harness

If you're new to Harness, go to Get started with Harness.

Authentication, access, and user management

Authentication, access, and user management are part of the Harness Platform. Permissions granted to users and user groups depends on their associations with resources and resource groups, which are controlled at the account and project level in Harness. For more information about authentication, access, and user management, go to the following:

User roles

Harness SEI has three built-in user roles:

  • SEI Admin
  • SEI Collection Admin
  • SEI Viewer

These roles replace the user roles that existed in Propelo (Admin, Org Manager/Admin, Auditor, Limited User, Restricted User, Assigned Issue User, and Public Dashboard User). In the Harness Platform, use Harness RBAC for access control. For example, you can add user groups or add user roles according to your custom access needs.


Some Propelo terminology changed to align with the Harness Platform.

Propelo termHarness termComments
DashboardsInsightsCreate new insights or manage existing insights under the specific collection category.
WorkspacesProjectsEach Harness project is a workspace. Harness organizations are umbrellas over projects. SEI can't track an organization as a conglomerate of the projects within it.
Global SettingsCustomizeLocated under SEI Settings in the module navigation. Only includes the Dashboard Color Scheme setting.
Audit LogsActivity LogsLocated under SEI Settings in the module navigation.
Org UnitsCollectionsView collections or create new ones. Manage and edit existing collections based on the associated RBAC role the user has.
Org Unit CategoriesCollection categoriesCreate and manage collection categories.
Org UsersContributorsThis refers to user records that contribute to metrics and insights. This doesn't refer to user roles.
Org Managers/AdminsCollection AdminsCollection Admins cam manage and view their own collection.

The following terms are the same:

  • Ingestion Satellites
  • Integrations
  • Profiles
  • Propels
  • Tables
  • Trellis Score

The following features are currently not supported in the SEI module of Harness:

  • License Usage
  • Delegates (Alternative: Ingestion Satellites)
  • Connectors (Alternative: Integrations)