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Windows Memory stress

Windows memory stress applies stress on the memory resources of a Windows OS based VM.

  • It checks the performance of the application running on the Windows VMs.

Windows memory stress

Use cases

  • Windows memory stress determines the resilience of an application when stress is applied on the memory resources of a Windows VM.
  • It simulates the situation of lack of memory for processes running on the application, which degrades their performance.
  • It verifies the autopilot functionality of services or application on the VM.


  • Ensure that the prerequisites are fulfilled before executing the experiment.

External packages

This fault uses Testlimit, which is installed as part of the infrastructure installation.

Mandatory tunables

Tunable Description Notes
MEMORY_CONSUMPTION Amount of memory to consume in MB. Default: 0. For more information, go to memory consumption.
MEMORY_PERCENTAGE Percentage of total memory to consume. Default: 50. For more information, go to memory percentage.
TOTAL_CHAOS_DURATION Duration that you specify, through which chaos is injected into the target resource (in seconds). Default: 60s. For more information, go to duration of the chaos.

Optional tunables

Tunable Description Notes
RAMP_TIME Period to wait before and after injecting chaos (in seconds). For example, 30 s. For more information, go to ramp time.

Memory consumption and percentage

  • MEMORY_CONSUMPTION environment variable describes the specific amount of stress to be applied on the target Windows VM (in MB) for a specific duration.
  • MEMORY_PERCENTAGE environment variable describes the percentage of total memory that is to be consumed on the target Windows VM for a specific duration.

Following YAML snippet illustrates the use of this input variable.

kind: MachineChaosExperiment
name: windows-memory-stress-4ap
context: windows-memory-stress
name: windows-memory-stress-4ap
infraType: "windows"
- - name: windows-memory-stress-4ap
- name: windows-memory-stress-4ap
infraId: ""
fault: windows-memory-stress
value: ""
value: "50"
- name: DURATION
value: "30s"
- name: RAMP_TIME
value: ""