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AutoStopping for Azure VMs

AutoStopping for Azure VMs: High-Level Overview

Harness manages the existing App Gateway within the customer environment. In cases where no App Gateway is present, Harness initiates the creation of a new one. Simultaneously, a freshly instantiated Proxy Manager comes into play, diligently tracking traffic directed towards the target resources.

Components and Flow:

  1. CCM Services:
  • A suite of CCM services collaborates seamlessly, orchestrating the AutoStopping mechanism tailored for Azure VMs. These services serve as the backbone, driving automation and intelligence.
  1. Customer Infrastructure:
  • The customer's infrastructure houses Azure VMs, subject to AutoStopping rules defined by CCM.
  1. App Gateway Management by Harness:
  • Harness takes charge of managing the existing App Gateway within the customer environment during the onboarding process.

  • If no App Gateway is found, Harness proactively creates a new one, establishing a crucial element for directing and managing traffic.

  1. Proxy Manager Creation:
  • A newly created Proxy Manager becomes an essential component, actively tracking traffic directed towards Azure VMs.

  • The Proxy Manager's role is central to detecting and analyzing traffic patterns for effective AutoStopping actions.