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Kubernetes AutoStopping Workflow

Just like the diagram shows, Kubernetes AutoStopping is a smart way to manage how programs run. It uses a special tool called an Envoy-based router to control how data moves around. This router is like a traffic director, making sure everything flows smoothly. Let's delve into its workings in more detail.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Envoy-Based Router: This tool sits in the traffic path, watching how data moves through the Kubernetes cluster.

  2. Integration with Existing Ingress: It's smartly connected to the existing traffic routes, guiding data through the AutoStopping router for analysis.

  3. AutoStopping Controller: This is like the brain of the operation. It watches the traffic patterns and decides how programs should run based on what it sees.

  4. Deployment of AutoStopping Configuration: When you turn on AutoStopping, it starts a process where the AutoStopping router, AutoStopping Controller, and other tools are set up inside the Kubernetes cluster.

  5. Essential Tools and Configuration Maps: Alongside AutoStopping, there are important tools and maps that help keep everything organized and working well, ensuring the AutoStopping system runs smoothly.