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Sync GitOps applications

Sync is a process that ensures that the live state of a system matches its desired state by applying a declarative description. This process involves synchronizing the desired Git state with the live cluster state.

To sync applications from the Applications page:

  1. In your GitOps project, go to Deployments > GitOps > Applications, and then select your application.

  2. To sync the selected application:

    • Select the more options icon, and then select Sync.

    • Select the application, and then select SYNC.

  3. Configure the sync options, and then select Synchronize.

    When synchronizing the application, you have the option to apply a specific revision. By default, target revision of the application is selected.

    The Branch and Tag options display a list of available branches and tags, allowing you to make a selection. Additionally, the Ref option enables synchronization of branches, tags, and commit hashes.

To sync applications using the GitOpsSync step:

  1. Select a pipeline and go to the Execution tab of a deploy stage.


    Make sure that the service, environment, and cluster selected in the pipeline matches the service, environment, and cluster in the application.

  2. Select Add Step, and then select the GitOpsSync step.

  3. Select the GitOpsSync step to configure step parameters.

  4. Optionally, click on the Wait until healthy checkbox, if you would like the step to run until the application reaches it's Healthy state.

  5. In Advanced Configuration, select the application you want to sync and configure the sync options.

  6. Select Apply Changes.

Here is how the resources would look in Harness after the sync process is complete.