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Usage of Catalog Metadata Ingestion APIs


In this tutorial we will be using the catalog metadata ingestion APIs to add additional metadata for the software components in the catalog, display them in the component overview page using additional info card and use the same data to input values in workflows using Workflow UI Pickers.


  1. You must have components registered in your software catalog. If you don't have any components registered, follow this tutorial to register one. We recommend you to register this software component for this tutorial.

Add a new metadata

  1. Now using the following cURL command add a new metadata onShoreTeamLead in all your software component of type services and using the tag java
curl --location '' \
--header 'Harness-Account: <Add_YOUR_Account_ID>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: <Add your key>' \
--data '{
"properties": [
"field": "metadata.additionalInfo.onShoreTeamLead",
"filter": {
"kind": "Component",
"type": "service",
"owners": [
"Add the User Group Owning the services"
"lifecycle": [
"tags": [
"value": "John Doe"

In case you want to display the same information you have ingested on your Overview page as an additional card, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Layout Page and under Admin and add the following for Services and Save it.
- component: EntityAdditionalInfoCard
title: Additional Info Card
- label: On-Shore Team Lead
value: <+metadata.additionalInfo.onShoreTeamLead>
type: string
bold: true
- label: Off-Shore Team Lead
value: <+metadata.additionalInfo.offShoreTeamLead>
type: string
bold: true
md: 6


We had already added the offShoreTeamLead in the catalog-info.yaml as we have recommended above under the pre-requisites, if you haven't used the same, you'll get a data not found error for the field.

  1. Now go to the FoodService Software Component in the Catalog and you'll find an additional info card populated with information we ingested using the API above. You can read more about additional info card


Using the Catalog Metadata Ingestion API, you can source information into your catalog from internal systems such as cost trackers, service health checkers, security scans, or even from simple spreadsheets tracking personnel details and use them to just display the information to users as wells as use them as an input for workflows.