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Connect to ServiceNow

You can connect Harness to ServiceNow using a Harness ServiceNow connector. This connector allows you to approve and reject pipeline steps.

Important notes

  • Your ServiceNow account should ideally have the admin role. If this is not possible, it should have at least the itil_admin or itil role to create and modify tickets.
  • Your account should also have the import_admin or import_transformer role to manage import set transform maps. For details, see ServiceNow's Base System Roles documentation.
  • Your ServiceNow REST API account must have permission to view tickets.

Add a ServiceNow connector

This topic assumes you have a Harness Project set up. If not, see Create Organizations and Projects.

You can add a Connector from any module in your project in project setup, or in your organization, or account resources.

This topic shows you how to add a ServiceNow connector to your project.

  1. In Project Setup, click Connectors.

  2. Click New Connector, and then click ServiceNow. The ServiceNow connector settings appear.

  3. Enter Name for this connector.

    You can choose to update the Id or let it be the same as your ServiceNow connector's name. For more information, see Entity Identifier Reference.

  4. Enter a Description and Tags for your connector.

  5. Click Continue.

Add details for the ServiceNow connector

  1. In ServiceNow URL, enter the base URL by which your users will access ServiceNow. For example:

  2. In Authentication, select one of the following:

    • Username and Password
    • ADFS Client Credentials with Certificate

To use a username and password for authentication, do the following:

  1. Enter Username.
  2. In Password/API Key, create a new password or API key or enter an existing one. For API Key, use a Harness Text Secret.
  1. Click Continue.

Set up delegates

Select the Harness delegate(s) to use when making a connection to ServiceNow using this connector.

Click Save and Continue.

Harness tests the connection.

Click Finish.

The ServiceNow connector is listed in Connectors.