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Google Cloud Marketplace

The Google Cloud Marketplace enables software vendors to offer their products and services to customers directly through Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It provides a convenient platform for users to discover, purchase, and deploy software solutions directly from the Google Cloud console or through APIs.

Which Harness products are currently available on the Google Cloud Marketplace?

Google Cloud Marketplace productAvailable via private offer flowAvailable via public offer flow
Harness Software Delivery PlatformYesNo
Harness Continuous DeliveryYesYes

Purchase Harness products via the Google Cloud Marketplace private offer flow

There are two ways you can purchase products via the Google Cloud Marketplace private offer flow:

  • If you have an existing relationship with Harness, then Harness can collect the required customer details, create an offer, and send you a private offer so that you pay a custom price for the software.

  • If don't have an existing relationship with Harness and you're interested in a Harness product, you can request a custom quote for it. To contact Harness' sales team, select Contact Sales in the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Provide the required information

Harness requires the following details to create a private offer:

  • The Harness product(s) you're interested in procuring.
  • Your organization's name
  • Your organization's contact name
  • Your email address
  • Your Google Cloud billing account ID
  • The contract start date

Accept the Harness private offer

Once the private offer is created and published, you'll get a notification email with your offer URL.

To review and accept the offer:

  1. Select Review Offer.

  2. View the offer details.

  3. Select the checkbox to agree to the terms.

  4. Select Accept.

    As soon as the offer is accepted, you can view the order status on the product page and via the Manage Orders button.

  5. Navigate to Marketplace and go to the Orders section. Initially, your order is in a pending state while the Harness system approves and activates your account. The activation can take several minutes.

    Once the account is activated, you can view the updated order status.

  6. Contact the Harness sales rep that assisted with the private offer to provision the product licensing.

Purchase Harness products via the Google Cloud Marketplace public offer flow

A Google Cloud Marketplace public listing is a software/service offering that is publicly available and accessible to all users of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). When a product or service is listed as public on the Google Cloud Marketplace, then any GCP customer can discover, evaluate, and potentially deploy that offering within their own cloud environment.

The public offer flow is a self-serve model where you can discover a product, view pricing, make a purchase, and start using the product as soon as the order/account is approved.

Harness currently offers Harness Continuous Delivery for purchase through the public offer flow.

Subscribe to the publicly-listed Harness product

To subscribe to a publicly-listed Harness product:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Marketplace.

  2. Select Explore the marketplace, and then search Harness.

  3. Select the Harness product to which you want to subscribe.

    If the product is listed publicly, you can view pricing, and the Subscribe option is available.

  4. Select Subscribe to view the terms and offered plans.

  5. Select the plan you want and finalize the subscription.

  6. After you select the plan and finalize the subscription, select Sign up with the provider. This option uses your sign-up information to create a Harness account for the email address you provided during the sign up process.

  7. Sign in to start using the Harness Continuous Delivery product.

Contact Harness Support if you have any questions.