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Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition reference architectures

Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition brings a robust and flexible software delivery platform to organizations seeking control over their deployment infrastructure. This reference architecture serves as a guide, outlining the key components and best practices for implementing Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition. Organizations can optimize their software delivery platform with this architecture, ensuring reliability, scalability, and consistent software deployments.

Scalability and performance

Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition is designed to scale with your organization's growing needs. This reference architecture details strategies to ensure optimal performance and scalability, allowing you to handle varying workloads and deploy applications efficiently.

High availability and fault tolerance

Achieving high availability and fault tolerance is paramount for mission-critical applications. The reference architecture outlines deployment patterns and configurations to ensure continuous availability, even in the face of unexpected failures.

Customization and extensibility

Recognizing that each organization has unique requirements, this reference architecture explores customization options and extensibility features. It empowers users to tailor the Harness platform to specific workflows and integrations, ensuring a personalized and efficient continuous delivery pipeline.

Customer reference architectures

Reference architectures enable organizations to fully utilize Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition for a customized, secure, and scalable continuous delivery process.

These architectures aim to simplify the process of setting up Harness Self-Managed Enterprise Edition. However, the determination of the architecture that best suits your organization's specific requirements can be difficult. Careful consideration and evaluation of the requirements are necessary to determine the optimal reference architecture for the intended setup.

The demo mode reference architecture is designed for demonstration and learning purposes and includes an in-cluster database, but doesn't include backup and restore.

Benefits of the reference architectures

  • Best practices guidance: Leverage industry standards and Harness's expertise to improve your workflows.

  • Optimized performance: Implement configurations and optimizations that ensure optimal performance, enabling your organization to deploy applications quickly and reliably.

  • Ease of maintenance: Set up a robust architecture that minimizes downtime and simplifies maintenance tasks, ensuring an efficient environment.