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PagerDuty change source

You can configure PagerDuty as a change source in a monitored service.

Add PagerDuty connector to Harness

To add a PagerDuty connector:

  1. In your Harness project, navigate to Projects > Connectors > + New Connector.

  2. In the Connectors page, under Monitoring and Logging Systems, select PagerDuty.

  3. In the Overview page, enter name for the connector, optional description, and optional tags, and then select Continue to go to the Credentials page.

  4. Create or select a secret to authenticate Harness with PagerDuty, and select Next to go to the Delegates Setup page.

  5. Choose one of the following delegate setup options:

    • Use any available Delegate: This option allows Harness to automatically select a Delegate at runtime.
    • Only use Delegates with all of the following tags: This option lets you specify the tags of specific Delegates to use. Add the specific Delegate by selecting the tags from the dropdown list or entering the delegate tag manually.
  6. Select Save and Continue. Harness verifies the connection to PagerDuty using the secret you provided.

  7. Select Finish. The connector gets added to the Project Connects list.

Add PagerDuty as change source

To add PagerDuty as a change source:

  1. In your Harness project, go to Service Reliability > Monitored Services.
    A list of monitored services is displayed.

  2. Locate the monitored service for which you want to add the PagerDuty as change source, select the three vertical dots next to it, and then select Edit.

  3. In the Configurations tab, under Define Your Sources, select + Add New Change Source.

  4. In the Edit Change Source page, under Select Change Source, choose Incident as Provider Type, and then select PagerDuty.

  5. Enter a name for the change source.

  6. Select the Select Connector dropdown.

  7. In the Create or Select an Existing Connector dialog, select the PagerDuty Connector that you have configured with Harness

  8. Select Apply Selected and then Submit.

PagerDuty is added as a change source. Incidents reported by PagerDuty are displayed in the Service Health page of the monitored service.