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SSCA onboarding guide

This guide explains what you need to know to get started using Harness SSCA.

Complete Harness Platform onboarding

If you're new to Harness, review the Harness Platform onboarding guide and Harness Platform key concepts before onboarding to SSCA.

Learn about Harness SSCA concepts and features

Learn about the features, components, and key concepts of Harness SSCA:


FeatureWorks with Harness Code RepositoryWorks with Harness CI (using Harness Pipeline's Build Stage)Works with Harness CD (using Harness Pipeline's Deploy Stage)Works with 3rd Party Code Repo/CI/CD (using Harness Pipeline's Security Stage)
Generate or ingest SBOM, followed by SBOM drift detection & SBOM scoresYYYY
Enforce OSS usage with SBOM governance policiesYYYY
Generate SLSA provenanceYYNN
Verify SLSA provenance with SLSA governance policiesYYYY
Create and manage Remediation TrackersOn RoadmapOn RoadmapY with Live TrackingY without Live Tracking


Tutorials go into detail on specific use cases for SSCA.