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Infrastructure as Code Management release notes

These release notes describe recent changes to Harness Infrastructure as Code Management.

About Harness Release Notes
  • Progressive deployment: Harness deploys changes to Harness SaaS clusters on a progressive basis. This means that the features described in these release notes may not be immediately available in your cluster. To identify the cluster that hosts your account, go to your Account Overview page in Harness. In the new UI, go to Account Settings, Account Details, General, Account Details, and then Platform Service Versions.
  • Security advisories: Harness publishes security advisories for every release. Go to the Harness Trust Center to request access to the security advisories.
  • More release notes: Go to Harness Release Notes to explore all Harness release notes, including module, delegate, Self-Managed Enterprise Edition, and FirstGen release notes.

April 2024

Version 0.181.0

Layout & Design Refinement:

  • Enhanced Layout: Increased spacing around store cards to prevent overlap of check marks and enhance readability and accessibility. (IAC-1601)
  • Sensitive Field Icons: The eye/hide icon is now exclusively used with sensitive fields to improve privacy and clarity. (IAC-1694)

March 2024

Version 0.178.0

New features and enhancements

  • Connector Validation Enhancement: We've implemented a validation check for connectors when creating or editing workspaces. This update ensures that all connectors used are currently available and of the correct type before proceeding with the operation, to help prevent errors related to non-existent or incorrect type connectors, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of workspace management. (IAC-1602)

Version 0.176.0

New features and enhancements

  • Enhanced Lock Icon Tooltips and Warnings: We've updated the tooltips and warning messages for the lock icon in Workspace resources to improve clarity and accessibility. (IAC-1577)

Version 0.175.0

Fixed issues

  • Improved Header Visibility: We resolved the issue of overlapping headers in side-by-side workspace state comparisons, enhancing readability and accessibility for the View Execution and filename headers. (IAC-1573)
  • Planned Changes Count Accuracy: We refined the Planned changes count to include only Added, Changed, and Deleted resources, excluding Unchanged resources, for a more accurate reflection of significant changes. (IAC-1561)

February 2024

Version 0.152.0

Fixed issues

  • Improved Variable Deletion Permissions: Fixed an oversight where permissions for variable deletion were not checked during workspace updates. Previously, checks were only performed via the /variable endpoint using the DELETE method. This update ensures that permissions are verified against both the individual deletions and the broader workspace variable updates, maintaining security without modifying the core architecture between iac-server and sprox. (IAC-1362)