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Create services

Services represent your microservices and other workloads. Each service contains a Service Definition that defines your deployment artifacts, manifests or specifications, configuration files, and service-specific variables.

You can create services from:

  • Within a pipeline
  • Outside a pipeline
  • An account
  • An Organization

If you are new to Harness, review Harness key concepts and create your first CD pipeline.

To create a service from inside of a pipeline, select the Services tab of a new CD stage, then select New Service.

Once the service and its service definition are saved, you can select it in any pipeline.

When you select the service in a pipeline, you can select Edit Service to edit its Service Definition.

When you create the new service you define its Service Definition. For example, a Kubernetes Service Definition with a Kubernetes manifest and Docker artifact.

Runtime inputs and expressions in services

If you use runtime inputs in your services, you will need to provide values for these when they run pipeline using these services.

If you use expressions in your services, Harness must be able to resolve these expressions when users run pipeline using these services.

Select Runtime input for the service.

When you run the pipeline, you can select the service for their runtime inputs.

For more information on runtime inputs and expressions, go to Fixed Values, Runtime Inputs, and Expressions.

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