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Overview of Harness AI Development Assistant (AIDA)

The Harness Platform leverages Harness AI Development Assistant (AIDA™️) to revolutionize software delivery processes. By combining AI capabilities with robust DevOps tools, features, and practices, the Harness platform streamlines and accelerates the software delivery lifecycle, and it empowers teams to deliver high-quality applications quickly and efficiently. Its AI-driven predictive analytics, continuous verification, and advanced release orchestration capabilities empower teams to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and ultimately deliver exceptional user experiences.

Enable AIDA

To enable module-specific AIDA features in your Harness account, go to Account Settings, select Account Resources, select the Harness AIDA tile, and then enable the Harness AI Development Assistant (AIDA) setting. Select Allow Overrides if you want to be able to enable/disable AIDA for individual projects.

AIDA features

PlatformHarness SupportAIDA can answer questions and suggest relevant documentation to help you browse and discover Harness features and documentation.Generally available
PlatformHarness SupportAIDA provides content recommendations when you create a support ticket.Generally available
PlatformDashboard IntelligenceAIDA empowers you to craft customized dashboards with widget-level control through interactive prompts.Generally available
PlatformCode GenerationWith the Harness AIDA IDE extension, you can increase productivity by generating multi-line code updates through comments in your IDE, eliminating the need to manually write common functions or look up unknown syntax.Development
CCMGenerate governance rulesGenerate rules for asset governance accompanied with detailed descriptions to optimize your cloud spend.Generally available
CDTroubleshoot CD deploymentsResolve your deployment failures with AIDA's root cause analysis (RCA).Generally available
CDPolicy As Code AssistantGenerate and integrate Open Policy Agent (OPA) Rego policies to meet your compliance standards.Development
CEChaosGuardGenerate conditions for your chaos experiments with ChaosGuard.Generally available
CODESemantic SearchSearch code repositories to provide accurate and context-aware results in Harness Code.Generally available
CODEPull Request SummariesAutomatically generate comprehensive and informative PR descriptions.Generally available
CITroubleshoot CI buildsResolve your build failures with AIDA's RCA.Generally available
FFAutomate feature flags integrationIncorporate feature flags into your development process through tailored code generation for seamless integration.Generally available
STOSecurity remediationLeverage AIDA to quickly analyze vulnerabilities and secure applications.Generally available

AIDA terms and data privacy information

Visit the following Harness Legal pages for information about AIDA data privacy and terms of use: