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Overview of Harness AI Development Assistant (AIDA)


Currently, AIDA is a beta feature that is behind these feature flags:


Contact Harness Support to enable these features.

The Harness Platform leverages Harness AI Development Assistant (AIDA™️) to revolutionize software delivery processes. By combining AI capabilities with robust DevOps tools, features, and practices, the Harness platform streamlines and accelerates the software delivery lifecycle, and it empowers teams to deliver high-quality applications quickly and efficiently. Its AI-driven predictive analytics, continuous verification, and advanced release orchestration capabilities empower teams to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and ultimately deliver exceptional user experiences.

Here are some key benefits of Harness AIDA:

  • Auto-recognition of failures in pipelines: The root cause analysis (RCA) feature generates recommendations for step failures in pipelines. Harness bases these recommendations on the step logs and the context of the failed step. For more information, go to Troubleshooting with AIDA.
  • Asset governance: The asset governance feature assists you in drafting rules that are based on your requirements and aligned with your governance goals. Harness AIDA governance support also offers detailed descriptions of built-in rules. When you are creating policies, this feature facilitates informed decision-making by clarifying the purpose, scope, and implications of each rule. For more information, go to Asset governance with AIDA.
  • Security remediation: The security remediation feature identifies security vulnerabilities, describes them, and suggests remediations. For more information, go to Remediations with AIDA.

AIDA in Harness modules

Currently, AIDA is available for CCM, CI, and STO.

To learn more about the AI capabilities in Harness, go to each module's AIDA documentation:

Enable AIDA

To enable AIDA in your Harness account:

  1. Contact Harness Support to enable the feature flag for AIDA in CCM, CI, and/or STO.
  2. Agree to the AIDA EULA. Review the AIDA Terms and AIDA Data Privacy information.
  3. Enable AIDA in your Harness account. Go to Account Settings, select Account Resources, select the Harness AIDA tile, and then enable the Harness AI Development Assistant (AIDA) setting.

AIDA terms and data privacy information

Visit the following Harness Legal pages for information about AIDA data privacy and terms of use: