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Troubleshoot failed triggers

You can troubleshoot failures of your cURL or webhook initiated triggers in the Harness platform.

After a trigger runs, you can use the Trigger Explorer to troubleshoot cURL or webhook initiated failures. For cURL, you enter the eventCorrelationId from the response. For webhooks, you enter the data value from the webhook response payload.

Troubleshoot webhook failures

To troubleshoot webhook failures, do the following:

  1. Open your Harness pipeline in Pipeline Studio.

  2. Select Triggers.

  3. Select Trigger Explorer.

  4. Select Webhook.

  5. In Enter Event Correlation id, enter the eventCorrelationId value from the cURL response payload.

  6. Select Search.

    Harness returns the following information:

    • Event Correlation Id
    • Trigger Name
    • Trigger Status
    • Message
    • Payload

cURL example

Sample cURL command

~ % curl -X POST -H 'content-type: application/json' --url '<YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID>&orgIdentifier=default&projectIdentifier=CD_Docs&pipelineIdentifier=tweety&triggerIdentifier=Custom' -d '{"sample_key": "sample_value"}'

Sample response


In this example, you enter the eventCorrelationId value in the Search field.

Troubleshoot Git event triggers

For more troubleshooting information specific to Git event triggers, go to Trigger pipelines using Git events.