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Configure STO to Download Images from a Private Registry

Harness maintains its own set of scan images for STO-supported scanners. By default, a Harness pipeline build pulls scan images from Docker Hub.

This topic describes how to override the default behavior and use a private registry instead. You can download the scan images you need, perform your own security checks on the images, upload them to a private registry, and then set up your STO steps to download images from this registry.

Workflow description

  1. Download the scan images you need, test and validate the images, and store them in your private registry.

    Harness maintains a Container Image Registry that is dedicated exclusively to hosting Harness-supported images. You can download your scan images from this registry instead of Docker Hub. To view the list of images in this registry, enter the following command:

    curl -X  GET

    You can also set up your CI pipelines to download build images from this registry instead of Docker Hub.

  2. For each Security Scan step, add these settings:

    • runner_registry_domain — The URL of the Docker registry where the images are stored.

      The supported format is <_domain_>/<_directory_> (such as,

      Do not include the scheme (such as http:// or https://).

    • runner_registry_image_prefix : harness

    • runner_registry_username — As needed

    • runner_registry_token — As needed

    If you need to use a proxy server, you must also specify the following:

    • http_proxy — The hostname and port to use for proxied HTTP requests

    • https_proxy — The hostname and port to use for proxied HTTPS requests

    • no_proxy — A comma-separated list of hosts to bypass the proxy

YAML example

The following pipeline downloads its Security Scan image (bandit) and all of its CI build images from the Harness Image Registry.

projectIdentifier: my_project
orgIdentifier: my_org
tags: {}
repoName: dvpwa
build: <+input>
- stage:
name: securityTestStage
identifier: securityTestStage
type: CI
cloneCodebase: true
- /var/run
type: KubernetesDirect
connectorRef: $K8S_CONNECTOR
namespace: harness-delegate-ng
automountServiceAccountToken: true
nodeSelector: {}
harnessImageConnectorRef: account.harnessImage
os: Linux
- step:
type: Background
name: docker-dind
identifier: dockerdind
image: docker:dind
shell: Sh
privileged: true
- step:
type: Security
name: banditScan
identifier: banditScan
privileged: true
policy_type: orchestratedScan
scan_type: repository
product_name: bandit
product_config_name: default
repository_branch: <+codebase.branch>
repository_project: dvpwa
fail_on_severity: CRITICAL
runner_registry_image_prefix: harness
# Here the Harness delegate downloads from the
# Harness Image Registry rather than a private registry.
# Username and token are undefined.
variables: []
identifier: STO_Tutorial_1
name: STO Tutorial 1