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Save Cache to S3 doesn't work with Windows and cross-account roles.

The Save Cache to S3 step doesn't work on Windows platforms using AWS cross-account roles. This is an AWS limitation.

As a work around, you can run an upload script in a [Run step], for example:

              - step:
identifier: Run_1
type: Run
name: Run_1
image: REGISTRY_NAME/python-awscli:latest # Specify a container image and tag that can run your script's commands.
shell: Powershell
command: |-
$gateway = (Get-NetRoute | Where { $_.DestinationPrefix -eq '' } | Sort-Object RouteMetric | Select NextHop).NextHop
$ifIndex = (Get-NetAdapter -InterfaceDescription "Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet*" | Sort-Object | Select ifIndex).ifIndex
New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix -InterfaceIndex $ifIndex -NextHop $gateway -PolicyStore ActiveStore
New-NetRoute -DestinationPrefix -InterfaceIndex $ifIndex -NextHop $gateway -PolicyStore ActiveStore

#Verify aws meta-data api
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -UseBasicParsing

$temp_creds=aws sts assume-role --role-arn arn:aws:iam::123456:role/s3-full-access --role-session-name RoleChainSessionS3
echo $temp_creds

$access_key = ($temp_creds | ConvertFrom-Json).Credentials.AccessKeyId
$secret_key = ($temp_creds | ConvertFrom-Json).Credentials.SecretAccessKey
$session_token = ($temp_creds | ConvertFrom-Json).Credentials.SessionToken

aws configure set aws_access_key_id $access_key
aws configure set aws_secret_access_key $secret_key
aws configure set aws_session_token $session_token

aws s3 cp test.txt s3://folder/test.txt