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Code Repository release notes

These release notes describe recent changes to Harness Code Repository.

About Harness Release Notes
  • Progressive deployment: Harness deploys changes to Harness SaaS clusters on a progressive basis. This means that the features described in these release notes may not be immediately available in your cluster. To identify the cluster that hosts your account, go to your Account Overview page in Harness. In the new UI, go to Account Settings, Account Details, General, Account Details, and then Platform Service Versions.
  • Security advisories: Harness publishes security advisories for every release. Go to the Harness Trust Center to request access to the security advisories.
  • More release notes: Go to Harness Release Notes to explore all Harness release notes, including module, delegate, Self-Managed Enterprise Edition, and FirstGen release notes.

April 2024

Version 0.79.4

New features and enhancements

March 2024

Version 0.75.0

New features and enhancements

  • You can copy links to PR comments.
  • You can view entire files in PR diff view.
  • On the list of PRs, you can right-click and open a PR in a new tab or window.

Version 0.72.4

New features and enhancements

January 2024

New features and enhancements

You can include videos in PR comments.

Initial GA release

New features and enhancements

We are excited to announce that the Harness Code Repository module is now generally available.

This initial GA release includes the following enhancements:

  • Integration with Harness Git Experience.
  • Configure triggers for Harness Code repos in the Visual editor in addition to existing support for the YAML editor.
  • First-class support for Harness Code repos in pipeline codebase configuration.
  • Status checks on PRs provide more detail about pipeline executions.
  • Advanced keyword search for querying your codebase.

For information about all Harness Code functionality and features, go to the Harness Code Repository documentation.