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Canary Delete step

This topic describes the Canary Delete step.

The Canary Delete step is used to clean up the workload deployed by the Canary Deployment step.

The Canary Delete step usually follows a Canary Deployment step.

If the Canary Deployment step is successful, the stage will move onto the Primary step group and the Rolling Deployment step. The workload created by the Canary Deployment step is no longer needed.

Canary Delete step vs Kubernetes Delete step

The Canary Delete step is only used to delete resources created using the Canary Deployment step. To delete any Kubernetes resources, use the Kubernetes Delete step. For details, go to Delete Kubernetes Resources with the Kubernetes Delete Step.


Enter a name for the step.


How long Harness should run this step before failing it. Enter a minimum of 10m to account for network activity in your target environment.


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