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Drone and Harness

Over the past decade, Drone has flourished through its vibrant open source community with over 100m pulls on DockerHub, 50,000+ active users, and 250+ contributors.

Drone was acquired by Harness in 2020 and is now part of Harness CI.

See Harness Acquires CI Pioneer and Commits to Open Source and Lavasoft Reduces Developer Toil by 94% Using Drone and Harness.

Together with Drone, Harness provides a CI/CD platform that's both simple and powerful for engineers to deliver software.

Harness CI is built to eliminate engineer toil, scripting, version dependencies, time, cost, and complexity. We empower engineers to focus on delivering innovation for their business rather than manually building software delivery pipelines.

Drone Documentation

You can start CI with Drone and Harness today.

See Drone Documentation and the Drone Plugins Registry.

Here's a quick walkthrough of using Drone with Harness:

Drone Overview

Here is a quick introduction to Drone:

Harness CI

The following presentation covers the basics of Harness CI: