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Build and push artifacts and images

You can use Harness CI to build image, push image, and upload artifacts, such as Docker images or test results. Build and Push steps build your codebase and then push the resulting artifact to a container registry or cloud storage repo. Upload Artifact steps upload any artifact.

Build and push

Build and Push steps build your codebase and then push the artifact to a repo. You can:

For other non-Docker upload locations, you can use a script in a Run step to build and upload the artifact.

Video: Add a Build and Push step

The following video demonstrates how to add a Build and Push step to a Harness CI pipeline.

Kubernetes cluster build infrastructures require root access

With Kubernetes cluster build infrastructures, Build and Push steps use kaniko. Other build infrastructures use drone-docker. Kaniko requires root access to build the Docker image. It doesn't support non-root users.

If your build runs as non-root (runAsNonRoot: true), and you want to run the Build and Push step as root, you can set Run as User to 0 on the Build and Push step to use the root user for that individual step only.

If your security policy doesn't allow running as root, go to Build and push with non-root users.

Pull images

You can pull and run images in your pipelines by declaring them in your steps' Image setting. For example, you could pull and run an image in a Background step or Run step.

Upload artifacts

Upload Artifacts steps upload artifacts. These steps don't include build commands. You can:

Artifacts tab

Regardless of how you upload artifacts, you can publish any artifact URL to the Artifacts tab.

Download artifacts

You can use Run steps and Plugin steps to download artifacts into your pipeline workspace.

For example:

Troubleshoot building and pushing artifacts and images

Go to the CI Knowledge Base for questions and issues related to building and pushing images or uploading artifacts, such as: