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Explore plugins

Plugins perform predefined tasks. They are essentially templated scripts that can be written in any programming language. Plugins are also useful for integrating with other tools in your SDLC toolchain.

You can write your own plugins or use pre-built plugins, such as those in the Drone Plugins Marketplace, the Drone Plugins GitHub org, and the Harness Community GitHub org.

This page highlights some useful or interesting pre-built plugins. It is not an exhaustive list of all plugins. Plugins are organized by provider/tool or purpose.

To run plugins in CI pipelines, use Plugin steps.

Plugins for AWS

Apex UpUse the apex/up tool to deploy infinitely scalable serverless apps, APIs, and sites to AWS.drone-apex-upappleboy/drone-apex-up
AWS CloudFormationValidate templates or create/update/delete stacks.drone-cloudformationrobertstettner/drone-cloudformation
AWS ECSDeploy a Docker images to an ECS environment. You can also use Harness CD for deployments.drone-ecspelotech/drone-ecs
AWS ECS DeployUpdate an ECS service. The plugin is a wrapper for ecs-deploy. It takes the current task definition of a service and changes the image. All configuration stays the same. You can also use Harness CD for deployments.drone-ecs-deployjoshdvir/drone-ecs-deploy
AWS Elastic BeanstalkDeploy an app to a Beanstalk environment.drone-elastic-beanstalkpelotech/drone-elastic-beanstalk
AWS LambdaDeploy a serverless function to AWS Lambda from a zip file located in an S3 bucket. This plugin doesn't create or upload the zip file.drone-lambda-pluginomerxx/drone-lambda-plugin
AWS RDS SnapperClean up a specific RDS instance's snapshots, keep a specified number of copies, and create new snapshotsrds-snapperhonestbee/rds-snapper
AWS S3 CacheCache files and directories to S3 storage to preserve them between builds. You can also use the built-in Save and Restore Cache from S3 steps.drone-s3-cacheplugins/s3-cache
AWS S3 SyncSynchronize files and build artifacts in a source directory with a destination directory. Directories can be local or in S3.drone-s3-syncplugins/s3-sync
AWS S3 Upload and PublishUpload artifacts to S3 and publish the artifact URL on the Artifacts tab.drone-s3-upload-publishharnesscommunity/drone-s3-upload-publish

Plugins to build, upload, and deploy

Harness CI has built-in support for building and pushing artifacts and images, in addition to Harness CD for deployments.

AnyninesDeploy your app to the Anynines platform.drone-anyninesplugins/anynines
Artifact Metadata PublisherPublish any URL to the Artifacts tab.artifact-metadata-publisherplugins/artifact-metadata-publisher
Backblaze B2Upload files and build artifacts to a B2 bucket.drone-b2techknowlogick/drone-b2
Bluemix Cloud FoundryDeploy files or services to Bluemix.drone-bluemix-cloudfoundryibmclouddevops/drone-bluemix-cloudfoundry
BuildahBuild and push Docker images to a container registry. Primarily used to build and push with non-root users.drone-buildahplugins/buildah-acr, plugins/buildah-docker, plugins/buildah-ecr, plugins/buildah-gcr
CapistranoDeploy apps via the Capistrano Ruby Gem.drone-capistranoglaszig/drone-capistrano
CircleCITrigger CircleCI builds automatically.drone-circleciwesleimp/drone-circleci
Cloud FoundryDeploy files or services to Cloud Foundry.drone-cloudfoundrycheslip/drone-cloudfoundry
CrowdinSubmit translation files to Crowdin.drone-crowdinjonasfranz/crowdin
DetaDeploy your build to
Downstream BuildTrigger builds for a list of downstream repositories.drone-downstreamplugins/downstream
FandoghDeliver Docker images to Fandogh PaaS.fandogh-droneamirbagh75/fandogh-drone
FTP(S)Publish artifacts over FTP(S).drone-ftpscschlosser/drone-ftps
GitLab-CITrigger GitLab CI jobs.drone-gitlab-ciappleboy/drone-gitlab-ci
Git PushDeploy an application via git push. You must supply a private SSH key or use the same credentials as the cloned repo to being able to push changes.drone-git-pushappleboy/drone-git-push
HerokuBuild and push images to Heroku container registry.drone-dockerplugins/heroku
HugoGenerate static web page files that you can then publish.drone-hugoplugins/hugo
Image MigrationMigrate images from one Docker registry to another.drone-docker-image-migrationplugins/image-migration
Java MavenBuild Java applications using the Apache Maven build tool.drone-java-maven-pluginkameshsampath/drone-java-maven-plugin
JenkinsTrigger Jenkins jobs.drone-jenkinsappleboy/drone-jenkins
Load and StoreBuild and push images to a Docker registry. This is useful when you can't use the built-in Build and Push to Docker step, such as when building Docker images with nix, which produces a Docker image archive.drone-load-and-storeallgreed/drone-load-and-store
ManifestPush manifests for multi-architecture Docker images.drone-manifestplugins/manifest
MarathonDeploy apps to a Marathon server.drone-marathone20co/drone-marathon
NetlifyDeploy your build to Netlify.drone-netlify
Nexus PublishUpload Artifacts to Sonatype Nexus.drone-nexus-publishharnesscommunity/nexus-publish
NomadDeploy services from a Nomad template file.drone-nomadloq9/drone-nomad
NowDeploy your build to
NPMPublish libraries to public or private registries.drone-npmplugins/npm
OpenFaaSBuild and deploy functions to the OpenFaaS Gateway.drone-openfaasknovus/drone-openfaas
PackerBuild automated machine images with Packer.drone-packerappleboy/drone-packer
PyPIPublish Python pypi packages.drone-pypiplugins/pypi
RancherDeploy a Docker image to a Rancher environment.drone-rancherpelotech/drone-rancher
Rancher Stack v1Deploy/update an entire Rancher stack (instead of a single service) to Rancher v1.6.drone-rancher-stack-v1dubc/drone-rancher-stack-v1
UPXPackage executables.drone-upxcnbattle/drone-upx
Vercel DeployDeploy a site to Vercel.drone-vercel-deploykameshsampath/drone-vercel-deploy
WebDAVUpload artifacts to any WebDAV server, including Nextcloud or ownCloud.drone-webdavvividboarder/drone-webdav

Plugins to cache, store, and transfer

These plugins are offered in addition to Harness CI's built-in support for caching, data sharing, and managing dependencies.

Cache to VolumeCache files and folders to a locally mounted volume.drone-volume-cachedrillster/drone-volume-cache
DoumarkAutomatically sync Douban movie/book/music marked data.drone-doumarklizheming/drone-doumark
DownloadDownload archives required for your builds, and integrate a secure way to inject basic authentication credentials checked by md5 or sha256 checksums. For example usage, go to Use Drone plugins.drone-downloadplugins/download
RsyncTransfer files to remote machines and then run a user-defined script.drone-rsyncdrillster/drone-rsync
SCPCopy files and artifacts to target host machine via SSH.drone-scpappleboy/drone-scp
SFTP CacheCreate and restore caches of any folders.drone-sftp-cacheappleboy/drone-sftp-cache
SSHExecute commands on a remote server.drone-sshappleboy/drone-ssh

Plugins for Git and SCM

These plugins are in addition to Harness CI's built-in codebase and SCM integrations.

Gitea CommentUpdate the build status on a Gitea Pull Request.gitea-commenttsakidev/giteacomment
Gitea ReleasePublish files and artifacts to Gitea Release.drone-gitea-releaseplugins/gitea-release
Gitee PullsUpdate comments, labels, and tests in Gitee PRs.drone-plugin-gitee-pullskit101z/drone-plugin-gitee-pulls
Git PushDeploy an application via git push. You must supply a private SSH key or use the same credentials as the cloned repo to being able to push changes.drone-git-pushappleboy/drone-git-push
MercurialClone a Mercurial repository.drone-hgplugins/hg

Plugins for GitHub

GitHub ActionsHow you run GitHub Actions in Harness CI pipelines depends on your build infrastructure. With Harness Cloud build infrastructure, you can run this plugin in the built-in GitHub Action step. With other build infrastructures, use the GitHub Actions Drone plugin in a Plugin step.github-actionsplugins/github-actions
GitHub CommentUpdate the build status on a GitHub Pull Request. This can be an alternative or addition to Harness CI's built-in SCM status updates.drone-github-commentcodehimanshu/gitdrone
GitHub PagesPublish static websites to GitHub.drone-gh-pagesplugins/gh-pages
GitHub ReleasePublish files and artifacts to GitHub Release.drone-github-releaseplugins/github-release
GitHub Search DownstreamTrigger builds for a list of downstream repositories fetched from a Github repository search.drone-github-search-downstreamgboo/github-search-downstream

Plugins for Google

GCP OIDC TokenGenerate a Google access token from your OIDC tokendrone-gcp-oidcplugins/gcp-oidc
Google ChatPost build status messages to your organization's Google Chat.drone-google-chatpelotech/drone-google-chat
Google Cloud FunctionsDeploy, list, and delete Google Cloud Functions.drone-gcfoliver006/drone-gcf
Google Cloud Storage CachePreserve files and directories between builds. You can also use the built-in Save and Restore Cache from GCS steps.drone-gcs-cachehomerovalle/drone-gcs-cache
Google Cloud AuthCreate and configure a Google Cloud auth configuration file to use with gcloud CLI. Only GAR is supported. The plugin also configures Docker configuration (~/.docker/config.json) to push and pull container images from GAR.drone-google-cloud-authkameshsampath/drone-gcloud-auth
Google Cloud RunBuild and maintain managed Google Cloud Run services.drone-gcloud-runkameshsampath/drone-gcloud-run
GTalkPost build status messages to your Google account.drone-gtalkappleboy/drone-gtalk

Plugins for infrastructure management

These plugins help with infrastructure management. If you're interested in a more built-in solution, consider the Harness Infrastructure as Code Management module.

Chef SupermarketPublish Chef Cookbooks to Supermarket (internal or public).drone-chef-supermarketjmccann/drone-chef-supermarket
AnsibleRun Ansible plays.drone-ansibleplugins/ansible
TerraformApply a Terraform infrastructure configuration.drone-terraformjmccann/drone-terraform

Plugins for Kubernetes

Dron8sUse dynamic Server Side Apply to achieve kubectl apply -f multi-configs.yaml parity for CI/CD pipelinesdrone8sbh90210/dron8s
HelmRun Kubernetes Helmdrone-helmipedrazas/drone-helm
Helm3Interface with Helm3drone-helm3pelotech/drone-helm3
Helm PushUpload Helm charts to Docker registriesdrone-helm-chart-container-registryplugins/helm-push
Kubernetes Deployments (drone-kube)Does the equivalent of kubectl apply -f deployment.yamldrone-kubevallard/drone-kube
Kubernetes Deployments (drone-kubernetes)Upgrade a Kubernetes deployment with a newer version of an imagedrone-kuberneteshonestbee/drone-kubernetes
Kubernetes Deployments (drone-plugin-kube)Update Kubernetes deployments from templates and configMaps from filesdrone-plugin-kubedanielgormly/drone-plugin-kube
Kubernetes Resources and ConfigmapsCreate and update all Kubernetes resources and creating/updating configmaps from config filesdrone-k8s-pluginzc2638/drone-k8s-plugin
KubeviousDetect and prevent errors (typos, misconfigurations, conflicts, inconsistencies) and violations of best practices for Kubernetes applications and clustersclikubevious/cli

Plugins for logs and reports

In addition to Harness CI's built-in troubleshooting tools and build logs, these plugins help with logging, reporting, and troubleshooting tasks.

CodacyUpload code coverage reports to Codacy.drone-codacyplugins/codacy
CodecovUpload test coverage results to Codecov.drone-codecovrobertstettner/drone-codecov
CoverallsUpload coverage reports to Coveralls.drone-coverallslizheming/drone-coveralls
DatadogSend events and metrics to Datadog.drone-datadogmasci/drone-datadog
DiagnosticsUse CLI network tools (dig, pin, traceroute) to diagnose issues in a build. This plugin doesn't accept any properties.drone-diagnosticsplugins/drone-diagnostics
Grafana AnnotationCreate an annotation in Grafana.drone-grafana-annotationfdeschenes/drone-grafana-annotation
Newrelic DeploymentReport/log deployments to a Newrelic dashboard.newrelic-deploymentcityfurniture/drone-newrelic-deployment

Plugins for MLOps

For information about MLOps plugins, go to MLOps in Harness.

Plugins for notifications and chat

Harness offers built-in support for notifications, in addition to these plugins.

Airbrake DeploymentNotify Airbrake when a deployment is finished.drone-airbrake-deploymentdhoeric/drone-airbrake-deployment
Captains LogOrganize release information in Slack.captains-logtarget/captains-log
DingTalkSend a message through DingTalk group robot.drone-dingtalk-messagelddsb/drone-dingtalk-message
DiscordPost build status messages to a Discord channel.drone-discordappleboy/drone-discord
EmailSend emails from CI pipelines, such as artifact attachments or build results.drone-emaildrillster/drone-email
FacebookPost build status messages to a Facebook account.drone-facebookappleboy/drone-facebook
Google ChatPost build status messages to your organization's Google Chat.drone-google-chatpelotech/drone-google-chat
GTalkPost build status messages to your Google account.drone-gtalkappleboy/drone-gtalk
InstantAccess(即时达)Post build status messages to an InstantAccess account.drone-instant-accesserguotou/drone-instant-access
IRCSend notifications to an IRC channel.drone-ircplugins/irc
JiraIntegrate with Jira.drone-jiraplugins/jira
LinePost build status messages to a Line channel.drone-lineappleboy/drone-line
MatrixSend build success/failure messages to a Matrix room .drone-matrixplugins/matrix
Rocket.ChatSend messages to a Rocket.Chat channel.drone-rocketmike1pol/drone-rocket
ServerChan (Server酱)Post build status messages to a ServerChan account.drone-serverchanyakumioto/drone-serverchan
SlackPost build status messages to a Slack channel.drone-slackplugins/slack
Slack BlameSend a message to a Slack channel or direct message when a build completes. Requires a Slack API access token.drone-slack-blameplugins/slack-blame
TelegramPost build status messages to a Telegram account.drone-telegramappleboy/drone-telegram
WebhookProvide outgoing webhook URLs to notify services via webhook when a build completes.drone-webhookplugins/webhook
WeChatPost build status messages to a WeChat account.lizheming/drone-wechatlizheming/drone-wechat
WeChat for WorkPost build status notifications to WeChat for Work.clem109/drone-wechatclem109/drone-wechat

Plugins for security

These plugins are useful for security-related tasks, such as authentication or scanning. For more information about security features available in Harness CI, go to Security hardening for Harness CI.

Cloudflare CachingUse Cloudflare's API to purge cache.drone-cloudflare-cachingjetrails/drone-cloudflare-caching
Cloudflare DNSUse Cloudflare's API to create/update/delete DNS records.drone-cloudflare-dnsjetrails/drone-cloudflare-dns
DCOEnforce Developer Certificate of Origin.drone-plugin-dcoalgernon/drone-plugin-dco
GCP OIDC TokenGenerate a Google access token from your OIDC tokendrone-gcp-oidcplugins/gcp-oidc
GPG SignSign your artifacts and build results with GnuPG.drone-gpgsignplugins/gpgsign
Maven AuthGenerate settings.xml with server authentication for a Maven repository.drone-mvn-authrobertstettner/drone-mvn-auth
NPM AuthGenerate a .npmrc file locally to authenticate against any public/private NPM repository.drone-npm-authrobertstettner/drone-npm-auth

Plugins for scanners

The Harness Security Testing Orchestration module provides first-class support for many security scanners. You can also use scanner plugins in Plugin steps. For example, this step uses the SonarScanner plugin.

              - step:
type: Plugin
name: Plugin_1
identifier: Plugin_1
image: kytay/sonar-node-plugin ## Sonarscanner plugin image.
from_secret: sonar_host
from_secret: sonar_token
use_node_version: 16.18.1

Some scanner plugins include:

ClairSubmit a Docker image to your Clair server to scan the image for security vulnerabilities.drone-clairjmccann/drone-clair
FossaRun the analyze command per the generic CI documentation for FOSSA.drone-plugin-fossarancher/drone-fossa
GitleaksDetect hard-coded secrets and sensitive data in your source code files.drone-gitleaksplugins/gitleaks
SnykUse Snyk to scan container images for vulnerabilities.drone-snykplugins/drone-snyk
SonarQubeScan your code quality and post the analysis report to your SonarQube server.drone-sonar-pluginaosapps/drone-sonar-plugin
SonarScannerRun code analysis with different versions of NodeJS (via nvm) and post the analysis report to your SonarQube server.sonar-node-pluginkytay/sonar-node-plugin

Plugins used by Harness CI

These plugins are used by built-in Harness CI steps. You don't need to run them in a separate Plugin step if you use the built-in steps. For more information about how Harness manages these plugin images, go to Harness CI images.

AWS ECRHarness uses this plugin to build and push images to ECR.drone-dockerplugins/ecr
AWS S3Harness uses this to upload artifacts to S3. You can also use it to download artifacts from S3.drone-s3plugins/s3
Azure Container RegistryHarness uses this plugin to build and push images to ACR.drone-dockerplugins/acr
ArtifactoryHarness uses a similar plugin to upload artifacts to JFrog Artifactory.drone-artifactoryplugins/artifactory
BitriseWith Harness Cloud build infrastructure, you can run Bitrise Workflow Steps in the built-in Bitrise step.N/AN/A
CacheHarness uses this plugin for caching.drone-meltwater-cacheplugins/cache
DockerHarness uses this plugin to build and push images to Docker registries.drone-dockerplugins/docker
GitHarness uses this plugin image to clone a pipeline's default codebase. You can also use it to clone a git repository into your stage workspace.drone-gitdrone/drone-git
GitHub ActionsHarness uses this for the built-in GitHub Actions Plugin step.github-actions. You can also run it separately in a Plugin step.plugins/github-actions
Google Artifact RegistryHarness uses this plugin to build and push to GAR.drone-dockerplugins/gar
Google Cloud StorageHarness uses this to upload artifacts to GCS. You can also use it to download artifacts from GCS.drone-plugins/drone-gcsplugins/gcs
Google Container RegistryHarness uses this plugin to build and push to GCR.drone-dockerplugins/gcr
Kaniko (Docker, ACR, ECR, GAR, GCR)Harness uses this plugin to build and push images to container registries when using a Kubernetes cluster build infrastructures.drone-kanikoplugins/kaniko, plugins/kaniko-acr, plugins/kaniko-ecr, plugins/kaniko-gar, plugins/kaniko-gcr