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Import an input set from Git

Harness input sets are collections of runtime inputs for a pipeline provided before execution.

All pipeline settings can be set as runtime inputs in Pipeline Studio's Visual or YAML editors.

Before running a pipeline, you can select one or more input sets and apply them to the pipeline.

You can either create an input set or import one from your Git repo.

This topic explains how to import an input set from your Git repo and apply it to your pipeline.

Before you begin

Import an input set

You can import an Input Set from the CI or CD module in Harness.

This topic shows you how to import an Input Set to the CD module.

  1. In Harness, click Deployments.

  2. Select your Project and click on Pipelines and click on Input Sets.

  3. Click New Input Set and select Import From Git.

    The Import Input Set From Git settings appear.

  4. Enter a Name for your Input Set.

  5. Harness fetches the following details and auto-fills them:

    1. Git Connector
    2. Repository
    3. Git Branch
  6. Enter the YAML Path from where you want to import the Input Set. Make sure that your YAML path starts with .harness/ and the YAML file already exists in the specified Git repo and branch.

  7. Click Import.
    Click on your Run Pipeline to proceed.