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SEI Onboarding guide

Harness SEI analyzes data from over 40 DevOps tools to compute DORA metrics and over 100 other insightful metrics that provide the missing insights to help you deliver software faster with better quality.

This guide explains what you need to know to get started using Harness SEI

Complete Harness Platform onboarding

If you're new to Harness, review the Harness Platform onboarding guide and Harness Platform key concepts before onboarding to SEI.

Single Sign-On with SEI

Harness supports Single Sign-On (SSO) with SAML, LDAP (including Active Directory and OpenLDAP) and OAuth integrating with your SSO provider to enable you to log your users into Harness as part of your SSO infrastructure.

Review the following resources to learn about the SSO configuration options on the Harness Platform.

Learn about Harness SEI concepts and features

Review the following resources to learn about the features, components, and key concepts of Harness SEI.

  • SEI overview: Learn about Harness SEI module and key features.
  • SEI key concepts: Get definitions of common components and integrations you'll encounter in Harness SEI, such as Ingestion Satellite, Integrations, Insights, Collections, and more.

Create your first Harness SEI Insight

Learn about and create Insights in Harness SEI.

Propelo and Harness

If you're migrating to Harness SEI from Propelo standalone application, review the SEI migration guide for useful information about changing your existing user roles to the available SEI roles on Harness.